Retrato Dr. Harold Morales
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Dr. Harold Morales

Associate professor, Morgan State University

Dr. Morales earned his B.A. in Philosophy from Cal State Fullerton and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of California Riverside. His research focuses on the intersections between race and religion and between lived and mediated religion. He uses these critical lenses to engage Latino religions in general and Latino Muslim groups in particular. He is author of Latino and Muslim in America: Race, Religion and the Making of New Minority. Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Retrato Dr. Luis Xavier López Farjeat
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Dr. Luis Xavier López Farjeat

Researcher-professor, Universidad Panamericana

He is a Mexican philosopher, writer and editor. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Navarra University. His research focuses on classical Arabo-Islamic philosophy, classical philosophy and German Idealism. He is a full-time researcher-professor in the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences from the Panamerican University, in Mexico City. He is member of the National Researchers System, level 2, and associate director of Aquinas and the Arabs International Working Group ( He is also editor of Tópicos, Revista de filosofía.

Retrato Dra. Ana Planet
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Dra. Ana Planet

Professor, Autonomous University of Madrid

Ana Planet holds a PhD in Philosophy and Arab and Islamic Studies by the Autonomous University of Madrid. She holds two bachelors: in Political Sciences, and in Arab and Islamic Studies. From 2004 to 2006 she was an advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain. She is currently professor in the Department of Arab and Islamic studies in the AUM and researcher in the International Mediterranean Studies department. Her research is focused on Moroccan immigration to Spain and its impact on both societies of origin and arrival; the situation of Muslim communities in Spain; religious freedom and the Muslim population. 

Retrato Dra. Didem Danis
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Dra. Didem Danis

Professor, Galatasaray University

She is professor of Sociology at Galatasaray University, in Istanbul, Turkey. She holds a bachelor and a master's in Sociology, from the Bogazici University and the METU, respectively. She holds a PhD from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. She is co-editor of Borders and Expulsion. Interdisciplinary perspectives on migration, migrants and state in Turkey (Notabene, 2014). Her research focuses on solidarity scales in regional migratory influx arrangements. 

Retrato Mtra. Beatriz Mesa
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Mtra. Beatriz Mesa

Associate researcher, Jacques Berques Center

She is currently preparing her PhD in politics violence in the department of Political Sciences at the University of Grenoble (France). She is a researcher associated to Centre Jacques Berque in Rabat (Morocco). At the same time, she is correspondent for the North of Africa and Sahel for Spanish medias. She has previously worked as Visiting Professor in the Departments of Politics at University International of Rabat (UIR). Her areas of specialization include Sociology politics and violence politics, political Islam, armies groups, security, geopolitics and geostrategic in Sahel. She is author of The False Yihad. The business of drug trafficking in the Sahel (Dalya, 2014).

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Among the activities of the Arab Week in Mexico we organize an academic program, in which we have key lecturers from all arround the world. They are specialists in the subjects they present to us each edition.

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