Arab Week in Mexico Organizing Committee 

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Dra. Camila Pastor de María y Campos

Associated Professor, History Division, Center for Research and Teaching in Economics Arab Week in Mexico Coordinator

She is an Associated Professor at the History Division from CIDE. As a researcher —Level I from the National Researchers system— she specializes in social and urban anthropology, nationalism and transnationalism, MENA-LA relations and migration.
She has collaborated in several publications, such as Más allá del Medio Oriente: las diásporas judía y árabe en América Latina (Universidad de Granada; 2012), and El pueblo quiere que caiga el régimen (COLMEX; 2012).
She as also written several articles and specialized texts. Some of her most recent works are: "La creación de un ámbito público transnacional" (Estudios de Asia y África, 2013) and "Anatomía del ámbito público en el mundo árabe" (ISTOR, 2012). Also, she participates actively in congresses, workshops and seminars —nationals and internationals—,and has also organized several forums to encourage the study and understanding of MENA region. 

Retrato Gilberto CONDE
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Dr. Gilberto Conde

Associated Professor, Center of Asian and African Studies , El Colegio de México Arab Week in México Coordinator

Gilberto Conde is assistant professor at the Center for Asian and African Studies of El Colegio de México where he teaches history, geography and politics of the Middle East. He is the editor of Estudios de Asia y África, the journal of the Centre. His research interests include politics and society as well as the relations for strategic resources, such as water. In preparing his Ph.D. between 2000 and 2003, he spent over two years in Turkey and Syria, where he worked in the Syria Vision 2020 project, funded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). He is the author of Turquía, Siria e Iraq: entre amistad y geopolítica, México, El Colegio de México, 2013.

Retrato Marta TAWIL KURI
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Dra. Marta Tawil Kuri

Associated Professor, Center of International Studies, El Colegio de México Arab Week in Mexico Coordinator

Marta Tawil has a PhD in Politica Cience and International Affairs (2008) by the High Political Studies of Paris, Science Po. She is a professor-researcher about contemporary Middle East and themes concerning Middle East's foreign policy and international affairs at the International Affairs Center (CEI) at El Colegio de México. Also, she is Coordinator of the Interinstitutional Program about North American Studies (PIERAN) at the same Center.

She has worked about foreign policy of the Arab countries, particularly Siria, and also about the regional and international dimensions from the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as United States, Rusia and European Union's foreign policies towards the region. 

Among here research themes of preference, we can find: foreign policy and intern legitimacy; Mexican foreign policy towards the Palestine-Israeli conflict; foreign policy sociology in Arab countries in transition (Egypt, Tunisia, Syria). 

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Lic. Miguel A. Fuentes Carreño

PhD Student, University of California, Santa Barbara Arab Week in Mexico Chief of Staff

Miguel Fuentes holds a BA in International Affairs from El Colegio de México, and is a PhD student in Global Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara. He's a Teacher's Assistant in the Global Studies Department, and a Research Asistant for Prof. Aashish Mehta. He was the Chief of Staff of the Arab Week in Mexico from 2013 to 2017, an he was a research assistant in the History Division at CIDE during the same period. He is co-author of "Actors and opportunities: Interregional processes in the Arab region and Latin American and the Caribbean" (Andreas Schechter ed., Springer Press, dictamination), and author of "Sexuality and Law: Transnational LGBT+ Activism in Lebanon, Egypt and Iran" (Helen Rizzo y Michael Ryan eds., Lynne Riener, in dictamination). He is currently a member of the Middle East Studies Association.